About Me

I love observing things.

I believe good design is rooted in good observation and empathy. My favorite thing about design is stepping into users’ mental shoes and trying to decipher their goals and motivations. I want to know if users feel excited, anxious, or nervous when they interact with digital product. I want my designs to acknowledge them every step of the way and guide them to action.

I began my design journey working for a startup called Humanlytics. While I had many late nights trying to figure things out by myself and making mistake after mistake, I fell in love with the work. When I realized I needed to improve, I attended Designation, where I upgraded my toolbox, learned how to talk with clients and teammates, and engaged with several interesting problems.

I’m currently looking for unique problems and a passionate team to work with. If you’re interested in working together, feel free to contact me at jsunzhe@gmail.com.